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Recently, the Deep Nude Down bomb exploded in women stripping, and the latest Deep Nude buzz at all local and global levels, and the search engines are buzzing with phrases that are looking for Deep Nude or Deep Nude download.

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An unidentified programmer named Alberto has launched a Linux and Windows-based computer application called Deep Node, which can show naked pictures of women and show them without clothes, he claimed through a Twitter account.

The application of deep nude has received attention and criticism for an article published in the site "Motherboard" which means news of technology.

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Deep Nude uses a machine learning algorithm, artificial intelligence-based neural networks, and has become widely popular around the world after VICE published a report on DeepNude, which allows by inserting ordinary images of people dressed in it, creating another image. Without clothes, in 30 seconds using about 10,000 nude images available online, the software algorithm aligns them and merges with the original image to make the extracted image look naked, but of course fake.

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This sequence does not always work. According to VICE, who tested Deep Node, the program, which did not require much experience, worked with varying success levels on images of women in full dress, but failed entirely with photographs using unusual lighting or angles. , While working best on high-resolution images that show more space than a person's skin.

Images resulting from the free version are covered with a large watermark, while they have been removed and the fake FAKE tag above the image in the paid version may be easy to remove using Photoshop.

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Deep Nude Apk / Pc Download Where the news talked about the application Deep Nude 32 can fully stripping women, which caused a sensation among users, a lot wondering about the truth of this talk and whether the application Actually effective or not, we at Jawabni website ask you all the answers.

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