Writing about moroccan wedding

Writing about moroccan wedding
Writing about moroccan wedding

Writing about moroccan wedding

Writing about moroccan wedding
Writing about moroccan wedding

Countries around the world celebrate different events (national/international, cultural,
or religious.) Choose one of the events celebrated in Morocco (e.g. Aid Al Fitr, Imilchil
festival, New year’s Eve, Moussems, etc.) and write a letter to tell your pen friend about

These ideas might help you:
The event/festival celebrated, – Where and when it is celebrated, – How people celebrate
it( any special meals, clothes, visits, feelings, etc.). – The importance of this celebration in
our culture, – Your own feelings, opinion and/or attitudes.

Dear Sandra,
I would like to thank you for your last letter. This time I will talk about a milestone for my

Over a hundred of guests from all over Morocco were present last July to take part in my
cousin’s wedding ceremony. The wedding was celebrated in a big decorated and lovely place.
After exchanging greeting and congratulations with couple’s parents we sat, my mum and I,
around a table. The guests were divided by gender. Women were wearing beautiful caftans
and Takchitas. As for men, they were wearing Djelabbas or modern suits.
After that, the groom and the bride were coming. All guests were excited to welcome them.
The groom was wearing a beautiful Djelabba and the bride her beautiful caftan and heavy

We spent a memorable evening. We all shared dances to the rhythm of traditional music. Mint
tea and several varieties of cookies were served to us. Also, they served us dishes like pastilla
and meat with dried prunes.
Everyone took pictures with the bride and groom to have a memory of this wonderful
ceremony. We all wished a very happy marriage to the couple and left the ceremony.
I hope you have an idea now on the celebration of marriages in Morocco.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your friend…
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