Donate Your Car For Kids , what is the procedure ?

Donate Your Car For Kids , what is the procedure ?

Donate Your Car For Kids
Donate Your Car For Kids

Donate Your Car For Kids or a friend can seem simple. And yet. This generous act is accompanied by certain procedures that must be completed in order to comply with the law, including if this donation occurs in the family or friend. These steps are similar to those provided when selling a car. Here are some tips to guide you in the assignment of your vehicle.

Before donating
A little basic reminder: only the owner of the car is able to transfer his vehicle to a third person. It may seem obvious, but it's even clearer when you say it. In case of purchase on leasing, you can not give up your car. Indeed, the lender remains the sole owner, and the sole decision maker of an assignment and a sale of his vehicle.

Have you moved since obtaining your registration? You must first notify your prefecture to modify your document. The registration card must include your current address at the time of donation. This is the first step to take. See gray card and change of address.

Donate Your Car For Kids

Your vehicle is over 4 years old? So, direction the technical control! Upon the assignment of the vehicle, you will need to provide proof of a recent check (see below). Whether for a donation or for a sale, you have to make a technical control when it comes to an exchange between individuals. See sell a car without technical control.

At the time of donation Your Car For Kids

Your first step is taken and you are about to give the keys of your vehicle to his lucky recipient. For this, you must personally hand over several documents to the person who receives the vehicle. Here is the list:

  • The vehicle registration certificate You are required to cross it and manually enter the words: "Sold on (day / month / year)" or "Surrendered (day / month / year)", along with your signature, on the document.
  • The copy n ° 2 of the form cerfa n ° 15776 * 01 of declaration of transfer of the vehicle. The form must be completed and signed by the former owner (yourself) as well as the new owner. Keep copy number 1 and give him copy number 2.
  • An administrative status certificate (or certificate of non-pledge) of less than 15 days. This document certifies that nothing prevents the sale of the vehicle. The transfer of the registration card can be done and the vehicle is registered in the name of the new owner. To obtain this document, you can apply online or visit the prefecture of your department.
  • Proof of technical inspection if your vehicle is over 4 years old. The document must be less than 6 months old at the time of sale (and less than 2 months if a counter-visit has been prescribed). Of course, you do not need a positive technical control: you can transfer your vehicle even if it requires repairs. This is your agreement with the recipient.

After making the donation Your Car For Kids

Within 15 days of the transfer of your vehicle, you must declare to the administration that your car has changed ownership. To do this, two options: you can make your declaration online by creating an account at ANTS or prefecture.

  • Regarding your insurance, you can not give it away with your car. The new owner must have his own contract, so that the vehicle is in his name - even if he was among the insured persons to drive it before the assignment. Once your car is given, you must cancel your insurance contract.
  • If you hand over your vehicle to your child, be aware that the new young driver's auto insurance policy will have to assume high premiums for its budget. We therefore advise you to take out all your insurance contracts with the same insurer: your child will thus be able to benefit from a family bonus and pay his young driver's car insurance at a slightly lower price.

To estimate the price of your car

Sometimes you are tempted to give your self to a friend because you think his residual value or "Argus rating" is low. We advise you to estimate your car with our tool to have a clearer vision of the value of your car before selling or giving it.

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  1. despite many attempts, I have never been able to access my application for a certificate of non pledge
    After completing the details of my vehicle, and my identity, there was always a message "error"
    I do not know what to do, I will simply send the printed cessation of my vehicle and a request for a certificate of no pledge to my prefecture.

    1. A thousand thanks Anne I was starting to lose patience !!

  2. Did you try putting spaces between letters and numbers on your license plate eg "123 XYZ 01",
    I lost hours (and my patience) because of this detail ...

  3. I try to report a used car donation to my grandson, but I lost the PIN and the ants system does not take the old registration, how to do?

  4. I would like to know if one day I would like to give a vehicle to one of my children is what he will have to pay the registration card to put it in his name while waiting to read you cordially

    1. Hello,
      I am in the same case as you, I would have yielded my vehicle to my son for free.
      must repay a gray card, when have the m'etrat has no.
      did you have an answer?

  5. I gave my car to a friend I crossed and signed the gray card and detached the bottom of the top thank you

  6. Hello, I am the legal representative of a Charity Association and wish to donate the van of this Association to another Charity Association.
    The registration card is in the name of the Association.
    How do I proceed ?
    Thank you for your reply.


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