Batgirl: the feature film project still relevant

Despite Joss Whedon's departure from production, Batgirl would remain one of DC Comics' top priorities for the next few years.

Batgirl: the feature film project still relevant
Batgirl: the feature film project still relevant

Not expected until 2021 in cinemas, the film adaptation of Batgirl had nearly failed after the unexpected departure of Joss Whedon production. The screenwriter Christina Hodson has just confirmed that the project was still relevant and that it even went pretty well in its adaptation ...

Already author of the screenplay for Birds of Prey - the spiritual sequel to Suicide Squad - Christina Hodson admitted to having had a lot of fun exploring the character of Batgirl.

"There are lots of things I like about Batgirl, but I'm not allowed to talk about it at the moment," says the screenwriter, who sees Batgirl as one of the coolest characters she has ever seen. big screen.

The Batgirl that will appear on the big screen should be very different from that seen in the Batman & Robin movie more than 20 years ago. "I really took the character, and the studio supports me 100% in my approach. "

If it will be necessary to be patient to learn more about the scenario of the film, it is possible that one has a first glimpse of the character in the film Birds of Prey. According to rumors, Batgirl would debut alongside the unmistakable Harley Quinn, embodied on screen by the delicious Margot Robbie.


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