Who is the Elegant Woman?

يوسف الملازم
'How to be elegant?' is a question I've asked myself on different occasions.
It could be when I'm deciding what to wear, or thinking about how to make a difficult but necessary 
confrontation with a friend.


No matter what it may be, I've always wanted to present myself in an graceful way.
I didn't come from a well-off family, and I wasn't particularly connected. However, through school and work, I started to mingle with some really elegant people. I didn't always feel confident, and I can be honest and say there were many times I felt terribly insecure. I admired them very much and at the same time, they intimidated me greatly.
I simply just wanted to feel comfortable and confident at all times, with whoever, whenever. I wanted to know what to do in every situation.
I wanted to obtain an elegant confidence, and that became my objective of my research. I recorded my so-called discoveries in a big red leather journal. That journal eventually went online - which became Elegantwoman.org. Thus, this is my homeground...my personal insight of the art of (womanly) refinement and living graciously.
And I thought I'd share my journey here.
Yes, do note that I am not the elegant woman and neither is this site an authority on elegance. It is not perfect and elegantwoman.org is NOT ABOUT PERFECTION.
I believe in your own brand of elegance. It is up to you to decide what style of an elegant woman you want to be. There are so many beautiful people that are elegant in different ways. And I celebrate and champion these differences.
So I'm just one of you, trying to live life as elegantly as possible. :)
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