5 Amazing Video Marketing Tips

The future of the internet lies in video and if your brand isn’t embracing this then it could get left behind. Did you know that YouTube reaches more US 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the United States? Did you know that the top five most popular celebrities among US teenagers are YouTube stars? 52% of marketers say that video content provides the rest return on investment. So here are some tips to get in on the action.
1] Film like a pro
You don’t need to spend a lot of money on film equipment to achieve a professional polished video. Simply follow a few simple rules each time you film and you should be on your way. Firstly, the lighting. This is crucial. If the video is of yourself speaking then make sure you are lit evenly across your face. Some shadows can be good since they create depth but let’s not go crazy. Once you are lit, if you can then light the background too then that’s a bonus. As a tip, if you need to counteract light coming in from a window, then simply light from the other way. Also, if you are filming outside in the sunshine but want to use lights, then stand in the shade and then use the lights rather than standing in the direct sunlight.
If you have any form of lighting lying around then use it. As a rule though, do not use the light on your smartphone. Another rule is to keep your hands off the phone when filming. Mount it somewhere, put it on a shelf or on a mini-tripod. Use an iPhone or a Smartphone rig which is essentially any form of mount for your phone.
When it comes to audio, use wired gear. You can run two wires into a smart phone so use microphones attached to the phone to completely diminish the risk of background noise. Oh and always turn your phone on airplane mode before you start filming to prevent calls during a top notch bit of filming from your other half, asking you what you want for your tea.
Finally, once you have shot your video, use a very cool app Filmic Pro which will then let you increase the quality beyond that which the standard smartphone camera will achieve. Increasing the data recorded will create larger file sizes so better quality film and the app also lets you make better colour corrections and have more control over lighting.
2] Deliver value to your followers on social media
Position yourself as an industry expert in short videos posted across your social media platforms. By using video to give your views on trending topics that are relevant to your industry, you are adding value to your followers whilst looking like an authoritative figure in your field.
Firstly, you need to be completely on top of the news and stories that are flying around in your industry. Why not use a news reader like Freedly. Once you have your stories, think of your point of view on each and then film yourself, the expert, talking about them. Keep the sound bites short; from 30 to 45 seconds and don’t worry about staging since you want to look like you are having a conversation with the viewer.
Post the soundbites across your social media platforms using the relevant trending hashtags in order to attract like-minded consumers and potential followers. You simply need to explain the story to your viewer and give your opinion. Share breaking news, all the while, looking like an industry expert who is on point with video marketing. For the cherry on the video marketing cake, give mentions to the writer of the original article that you are commenting on. Tag them in Facebook or on Instagram. Mention them in a tweet and generally immerse yourself in the social media conversation.
3] Be SEO smart
Transcribing your videos can make them more search-friendly because closed captions can be indexed by Google. You see, Google can’t read visual content, just the metadata that accompanies it. TED produces some of the most engaging and watched videos in the online world. They are filmed well and the audio is always of supreme quality but they also transcribe each piece of video content that they post. These transcriptions are featured below the video in an interactive format and also form the basis of blog posts that re-purpose the original video content. TED isn’t silly. Be like TED.
4] Broadcast Live
Viewers spend three times more time watching live videos than those videos that aren’t broadcasting in real time. Embrace Facebook Live which allows you to film live and gives your followers a chance to connect with you. Harper Collins Publishing are doing just that. They run a daily Facebook Live program giving their readers a chance to interact with their writers through real time video and writing questions throughout. Walt Disney have also embraced this new live stream with Steven Spielberg recently giving his synopsis on the movie The BFG.
Using Facebook Live means that you can see the numbers watching, as you are filming and you can answer any of their questions in real time. Then don’t forget to pop your ‘featured video’ on your businesses’ Facebook page.
5] Track engagement
With video marketing you are aiming to get engagement; shares, clicks, comments and time on your site. Facebook Insights has a screen devoted to video analytics showing the number of video views, number of all the 10 second views that your video has reached and average view completion rate for individual videos. Twitter Analytics gives you the total video views for the past 28 days, views, completion rates on individual videos and the average number of minutes your viewers watched each day. YouTube lets you see the number of video views, average view duration and estimated revenue. YouTube also shows you specific engagement through comments, likes and dislikes. Instagram is working on it and video analytics will be available soon and it is sure to be
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