Researchers for the manufacture of a comprehensive fleet to search the medical field in Germany

Researchers for the manufacture of a comprehensive fleet to search the medical field and seeks to develop robots to prepare for natural disasters in Germany

Image search result for robots                 Researchers for the manufacture of a comprehensive fleet field to search Medical in Germany seeks has been used this laboratory to provide assistance field in a manner in cases of emergency to combat malignant diseases, viruses and types of plague spreading these years despite the light weight of this mobile laboratory Gla that has a big role in access to every place where epidemics threatening the life people he is a truck containing an integrated team of doctors Aalao efficiency and experts trained good training but what is the point of all this against the loss of human observation of Hira these epidemics Voktrmen 000'3 

People die in Africa as a result of this widespread virus since December 2013 (Virus: Ebola Ebola)                  The number of victims has reached continues to rise and is estimated there are more than   7,500 infected with the disease and nearly 90% of those infected die because of the "Ebola" disease, this and skip this epidemic continent of Africa cases were recorded in the United States and Europe, it is nice to be doctors specialize to such diseases in Germany Oilla Mchkson her despite being away from Germany .... something excellent Vmokhtbr Harmonic can provide diagnosed suitable for diseases where the need is urgent to it, but being a caravan this means that it will not stay there People need to continuously diagnosis for a longer period but this will not be possible for doctors The coordinators of the laboratory it is impossible ,, originally.

 In West Africa, for example, we see that there
Many doctors are no longer safe. Some of them died after they were infected must be Aelloukaay people know what they will do but the lack of medical staff resists and fights infection in order not to spread, of course, it will not be positive results .... So medicines that scientists prepared on behalf of the specialized companies can not afford avalanche that imagined in the human mind, but may become a reality for you did not stop these companies from making more of this medication preparation and this is due to several reasons. First, with Medical Products Companies medications do not achieve sufficient profits from the manufacture of the drug "Ebola", and we hope that it becomes an interest Alamadadat this because they do not pay any attention to him since they Atstvid behind any profits, and this is a problem, and personally I hope that these companies develop drugs available markets and in particular with regard to this infection as soon as possible.
So let us Let's talk about global health summit planned for events in Berlin "capital," in which Almmojtmaaon will discuss the issue of the spread of the Ebola virus and ways to combat it, Kmanalm This Summit is not the first of its kind So:

Do you think it is enough to find solutions to this issue?
Or will it be limited to the two communities?
or whether they will be amplified globally for two or three days it will be forgotten after that?~

                Of course .. this summit will not heal the sick Vophsi West Africa but allow the emergence of ideas when researchers on the one hand and at the politicians and the community on the other hand .. about what is necessary, of course, can ..rf decisions made in the discussions which take place to private industry, progress and some of the demands, and I hope that it happens .

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                It is the organization of health to the world of robots as well as organizations talk of Health about the possibility of helping robots or the so-called robot in the medical field .. It is true that this subject would provide an advanced service of the human person through the use of robots in areas that are exposed to natural disasters, this is true, and since this is not We have a strange .. perceptions have seen in the industrial field through the use of robots making companies to ignore workers' lack of an automated system costs compared to the wages of workers .

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                 Can robotics today to fly, but what is needed today is to develop the ability to move and jump from one place to another is exactly what working on a group of companies now in Germany itself, we find that the robots fantastic creatures, so to say, This is by what you say a professors in one of the developers of these systems companies These scientist "Katya Mumbah" specializing in mathematics, working on a unique project is currently as trying as learning close to walking humanoid robots to humans way themselves taught scientist at the University: "Behold meters Barrna" European project scientists from other countries involved in it his goal is to make robots walk to form an independent and secure professional technology on the ground, for example, so that they can get assistance when disasters, remember Hiroshima nuclear disaster
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                She says: |||| It was possible to avoid a catastrophe if someone gains access but it was dangerous because of high radiation but it is possible to do the job the robot on a human body and advanced skills and intelligently human |||| working simulations machines on the computer well real Valrobutat no longer able to walk, dance and jump and mimic human generally only, but much evolved than ever before in this way, some robots are estimated and easily simulate nature of insects and reptiles successfully completely but unfortunately it can not be a robot like of every one that provides assistance in disasters, can robots the ability to tradition such as raising for example hands but the process Walking is more complex ...

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       Human movement is not dependent on the legs only, but requires the participation of the whole of the body, on the floor flat we walk when we keep the arms are low, but when they become terrestrial and rugged need to Thrikema to balance the often so you should take the whole body into account while on the move, and this is what pays the development of robots search for a way team to achieve this balance, and this is what helps also tested their experiences in places rugged and unknown to the robot, while searching play the so-called optimal standards an important role, a simple search for the best form of the movement Vbabarh, says Katia we seek again to achieve the development of robot-like completely human, because this is not possible at all Vllansan Odra private and special weight and length of the particularly difficult tradition and standards in addition to the mind of the latter is made of this application is not the application of make it, but we take the best standards of human being and try to apply them to robots .
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